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Why is Slovenia a perfect campervan traveling country

Map of Slovenia for traveling
29. October 2019

Travelling Europe with a campervan was always easy and fun, but nowadays it is even better. Good roads, amazing scenery, and the closeness of different countries and cultures is a must-do for every eager traveler out there.

Germany, Italy, and Croatia were always dotted on the European maps as the main stops, but in between those, you just might have driven through Slovenia in a couple of hours and missed on a great adventure. Green mountains, lakes, waterfalls, forests, caves, hills, plains, rivers, sea - this little European country has it all. 

Slovenia is a country small in size but big on scenery and breath-taking attractions.

Slovenia campervan, road trip Slovenia, road trip europe
Slovenia was often overlooked by travelers exploring Europe, but that's rapidly changing.

To make sure you don´t make the same mistake again, read these six reasons why Slovenia is a perfect campervan country.


1. It is easily accessible from any point in Europe

Europe's road and railway connections are simple and efficient, making every country and city accessible within hours, just by a simple click on the mouse or a smartphone.

Either you are flying in, arriving by bus, train, or even boat, Slovenia is easily reached from every point in Europe. A perfect geographical position is of great importance for economic growth and development, but it also makes your campervan journey around and across this petite country feel like a breeze.

Campervan hire slovenia, slovenia rental, motorhome Europe
Nest Campers pick-up and drop-off locations


To make the start of your holidays easier, we arranged our locations to meet you halfway.

You can pick-up your campervan at our base next to Ljubljana Airport in Slovenia, however we can arrange a transfer also from Croatia, Italy, or Austria to make it easier for you. If flying in, we'll wait for you at the airport. 

airport nest campers, travel europe campervan, motorhome slovenia, italy, croatia, austria
If you're flying to Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, or Austria, we'll wait for you at the airport.

When your Slovenian travel story is finished, you can continue exploring ahead, dropping off campervan on the way. That way you can make sure you have crossed all the boxes on your must-see list.


2. Great roads and tollway system

Once you have picked up your campervan, you will notice the roads in Slovenia are in great condition and clearly signed. But there are things to keep in mind, such as the driving side is on the right and no speeding as Slovenian police do not mind handing you a ticket or two. We've written a useful guide on driving in Slovenia here

Instead of toll fees, Slovenia introduced a vignette system for all motorways and expressways across the country in 2008. The little sticker on the front window is something you do not have to worry about, as all of our rentals include the vignette on our campers. You are free to explore every hidden corner on your way for no additional costs.

All our campervans have a vignette for Slovenia already included.

If you're not renting one of our campervans and need to buy a vignette, expect to pay 15€ for a weekly vignette, 30€ for a monthly vignette, and 110€ for an annual vignette. You can always check current prices here.

There is a motorway cross that connects Slovenia to all neighboring countries and must-see cities in Slovenia. From Koper on the south-west to Lendava on the north-east, the motorway journey takes you approximately four hours. On the opposite side, driving time from Bregana on the south-east to Kranjska Gora on the north-west is less than three hours.

With short driving times and good connections just imagine what can you discover in two weeks? And don´t worry, we have plenty of suggestions on when and where to go.


3. Safe and sound

Following the tradition of being on the top of all the different lists of world countries, Slovenia is also recognized as the 8th safest country in the world.

Besides minor petty thefts and, if 'lucky', an earthquake below 3 on the Richter (ML) scale, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Saying that a bit of common sense and awareness does help in avoiding any unnecessary unpleasant situations.

Also, for the woman solo travelers, Slovenia is safe and welcoming. If in doubt, you can also join a group and do some fun activities in a group.

The only thing you should be worried about is getting your heart was stolen by the amazing nature, culture, and people you will meet along the way.

campervan road trip slovenia, travel slovenia, budget travel slovenia, driving slovenia
Slovenia is a peace-loving and safe country.


4. More than 60% of Slovenians speak English fluently

How is your Slovenian? Beginner, intermediate, master level?
Or are you usually just standing, open-mouthed and confused when hearing a proper conversation in the beautiful Slovenian language?

If learning Slovenian is too hard and you really have no time to get your head around all of those strange letters and grammar, have no fear - most Slovenians you'll encounter on your journey speak English. Probably very good English.

Slovenia people, driving camping slovenia, slovenia holiday
60% of Slovenians (and virtually all young people) speak English at a conversational level.

English (or another foreign language, mostly Italian or German) is learned from primary school onwards. The language skills are developed through all levels of education, which makes communication with Slovenians easy and fun. The accent might be a bit rough, but understandable.

Mostly all of the younger and middle-aged generations speak English fluently and besides English, you can also get by with a basic knowledge of German, Croatian or Italian, especially in conversations with older generations. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the same for the Hungarian language, that is if you travel from the Hungarian border towards the center, or anywhere else.


5. A beautiful cuisine with strong influences from the bigger neighbors

Sharing is caring you might say and in the case of Slovenian cuisine, that is right on the dot. All the influences from the bigger neighbors created typical flavors, dishes, and way of preparing food which Slovenians took as theirs and are still in use in everyday life.

Sauerkraut, Bratwurst, and Wiener Schnitzel made their way from Germany and Austria. All the delicious pasta, gnocchi, and pizza are typically Italian. Golaž, paprikaš, and palačinke came over from Hungary and the mastery of preparing meat and fish made its way from Croatia and Balkan countries.

Slovenia food
source: https://www.slovenia.info/


Besides the taste, also the quality of food is on the highest levels. Slovenians not only care about the taste but also give a big importance to food being homegrown, local, and seasonal. 

If you are a wine, beer, or liquor lover, this is THE country for you. From delicious wine tastings in Vipava to a beer fountain in Žalec and a proper homemade honey schnapps or - if you are lucky- a homemade Jägermeister sold in a local market, there is something to fit any taste. Don´t be afraid to try it all, just maybe not at the same time. 


6. Slovenia loves campervans just as much as campervans love Slovenia

Besides all the food, sports, and language skills, Slovenia is also very tourist-savy. 

To encourage campervanning, a special project was launched in 2014. The project has a simple name ˝Network of Rest Stops for Camper Vans˝ and there are now more than 165 camper stops in Slovenia, where campervans can stay overnight for free or for a really small fee (in addition to normal campsites with all the amenities). You can read more about camping in Slovenia in our comprehensive and informative blog post


slovenia camping, travel europe, rent a campervan europe, campervan rental slovenia
Camping in Slovenia is really, really easy and stress-free.



If all of our efforts did not convince you for campervanning in Slovenia, trust the wise words of Lonely Planet or Insider - they know what they are talking about. Have a read and see why they rank Slovenia as one of the best-value countries to visit


But words will never do Slovenia justice, you'll simply have to come here and see what all the fuss is about.

Book your campervan
and fall in love with Slovenia. 

Written by: 

Martina Mestek

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