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4 Awesome things to do in Geneva, Switzerland - travel guide

City and lake of Geneva
26. February 2020

The city of Geneva in Switzerland is filled with wonderful historical and natural sights that you have to see if your planning on stopping in Switzerland during your campervan road trip. 

While not as large as Zurich, Geneva is still bursting with life. You can explore the city and easily find retail shops, iconic landmarks, and fun activities. 


The following are four things that you should definitely do while visiting Geneva, Switzerland.


1. Lake Geneva (Lac Léman)

If you're someone looking to enjoy Switzerland's natural beauty, then you have to stop by Lake Geneva, known by the locals as Lac Léman. Located along the border of France and Switzerland, this 224-square-mile lake branches off of the Rhône River. 

There are several attractions located along the lake's shore for you to enjoy. You can explore the wineries and vineyards of Lausanne or head to Montreux to check out the belle epoque style buildings.


2. Museum of Natural History (Muséum d' histoire naturelle)

Science lovers out there can find a number of interesting facts and attractions at Geneva's Museum of Natural History. It's within walking distance of St. Pierre Cathedral and Lake Geneva in a small part of the Eaux-Vives neighborhood. 

The museum features exhibits of taxidermy animals in artificial habitats that mimic their natural ones. On the first and second floors, you can find all kinds of animals such as the great auk, King Island emu, the extinct dodo bird as well as their most acclaimed oddity: the two-headed turtle named Janus. 

On the higher floors, you can find other fun things to do. Compare your height to that of the world's oldest human fossil with the bronze replica of Australopithecus Lucy. Experience an earthquake in a kitchen with their earthquake simulator. View the moonstones that NASA donated to the museum. Finally, buy plush versions of the animals you've viewed in the gift shop. 


3. Conservatory and Botanical Garden Geneva (Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques Genève)

Between the Palace of Nations and Lake Geneva, curious travelers can find the serene Conservatory and Botanical Garden. Entrance to the gardens is free and you can find a variety of seasonal flowers, Swiss plants, rose bushes, herbs, and more. You can also find a gift shop, a restaurant, an animal park, a carousel, and a library. 

You may also find peacocks wandering the grounds of the animal park. Previous visitors recommend picnicking in the gardens or sitting to read a book. 

It's an easy trip to make when you've just landed. Since it's less than 4 miles away from the airport, you can land in the city, choose a car hire Geneva Airport rental company, and head straight to the gardens for a comforting afternoon. 


4. Mont Salève

Mont Salève is a major place to stop, even if you aren't the most physically active. The mountain has several hiking and biking trails available, as well as some cross-country ski and paragliding trails. There are also cable cars to the observation deck where you can find a lovely restaurant. 

The mountain sits about 12 miles southeast of the border between Switzerland and France. With its close proximity to Geneva, visitors have to remember that Mont Salève is technically in France. So, don't forget your passport when traveling from Geneva to the mountain. 



To many, Geneva is an unexpected, pleasant surprise as it's filled with so much history for travelers to learn and enjoy. You can find many fun things to do and see around here.

Remember that Switzerland is also home to some of the best souvenirs. Besides your unforgettable memories, you can also grab some astonishing photos, a personalized Swiss army knife, and some fine Swiss chocolates. Yuuuum!

Written by: 

Zeke Daldy

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