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5 spectacular waterfalls in Slovenia - Best scenic campervan trips!

Waterfall Kozjak of soča valley in Slovenia
26. July 2021

Despite its small size, Slovenia has more than 300 waterfalls! Yup, three-hundred.

This makes Slovenia an ideal country for chasing waterfalls. To make your life on the road a bit easier, we’ve made a list of our favourite waterfalls that you should definitely add to your road trip itinerary.

1. Kozjak
2. Rinka
3. Boka
4. Peričnik
5. Savica


Top five waterfalls in Slovenia - Trip suggestion





1. Waterfall Kozjak

Ok, here’s deal. If we would have to choose only one waterfall, by far our favourite one would be waterfall Kozjak. It doesn’t boast any of the common "the largest", "the longest", "the widest" adjectives and it can get pretty crowded here in the summer - but with a reason. Many people agree that this waterfall is one of the most impressive ones in the world!

The picturesque Kozjak waterfall is caught in a stony amphitheatre not far away from Kobarid. It almost looks like a scene from one of Tolkien’s stories, with water falling through the 'roof' of a cracked-open cave into an emerald deep pool before leaving the alcove and it is stunningy beautiful. It can be reached by an easy walking path (30 min) by the riverbed of the emerald Soča River.


Waterfall Kozjak is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia

You will see why this waterfall feels like a hidden jewel. It is easily accessible, yet so well hidden it pumps up your expectations and rewards you with a big surprise at the and. First you walk along the turquoise Soča river, cross a few wooden small bridges and at the end climb along a wooden boardwalk built off the rock-face … and as you turn the corner around that rock you find yourself in a half-cave dome where you’re hit with the beauty of the waterfall. And the best thing is - you can swim in the water (expect around 11°C in the summer)!


Nest Campers suggestion is to go to the waterfall when the sun is really high up (midday - early afternoon). Why? Because the sun will warm you up enough to jump in the water plus reflections will be amazing as the sun will be directly above the crack and the whole cave will be enlightened with an emerald shine.



The Kozjak Waterfall is accessible from the Kobarid - Drežnica road. There is a turnoff to the falls soon after the intersection beside the Napoleon Bridge and a big parking lot on your right just in front of Camp Koren. Follow a nice marked trail for 30 min and you can also make a short detour to the right and visit remains of the bunkers from the 1st World War. You just need to be careful with some very slippery parts just before the waterfall.


4 EUR, always open.


2. Waterfall Rinka

Waterfall Rinka is a magnificent 105-metre high arc of water, the highest single and unbroken waterfall in Slovenia which, because of enormous size and beauty, was proclaimed a natural monument in 1987.

The waterfall is located at the end of a scenic green Logar valley, close to the Austrian border. Lonely Planet has listed this magnificent landscape park as one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys in Europe and this waterfall just adds a jewel to that crown.



Waterfall Rinka in Logar Valley, Slovenia




The waterfall is located at the very end of Logar Valley. You can reach it in about 15 minutes walk along an easy marked path from the parking lot at the end of the asphalt road.


There is an entrance fee for Logar Valley, which is 7€ per car. If you don’t want to pay, you have two options: get to the valley before 7am or leave your car at the entrance and go by foot (but bear that waterfall is not that near).


3. Waterfall Boka

Want to see Slovenia's most majestic waterfall with the highest flow rate?
Off course you do!  

Waterfall Boka can actually be seen from the road Bovec - Kobarid but we strongly suggest you park your campervan next to the bridge and take few minutes (or hours) to fully enjoy epicness of this place.

Boka Waterfall is 144 meters high and 18 meters wide and it’s actually a two-part waterfall. The most interesting feature of the Boka Waterfall is the unusual big difference of the water flow – it is almost unbelievable how much this waterfall can change even in a couple of days, due to weather conditions. After heavy rain waterfall Boka is absolutely breathtaking!


Waterfall Boka is the most powerfull waterfall in Slovenia.


If you want to stretch your legs, you can go for a scenic hike to the viewpoint or even to the top of the waterfall. There are two possible ways of getting to the top. One of them starts on the left, and one on the right side of the bridge. The left one is much easier, and it has much better views with marked viewpoints. It is also possible to go up one way and down the other way, which is great if you would like to see the waterfall from two different points of view.


The viewpoint from waterfall Boka in direction of Bovec, Soca Valley, Slovenia.



Driving from Bovec to Žaga/Kobarid (road 203) you can’t miss this magnificent waterfall at the right side of the road (coming from Bovec) before the big bridge. There is a parking along the road where it can be crowded in summertime.


Free entrance, always open.


4. Waterfall Peričnik

It would be absolutely crazy not to put waterfall Peričnik on the list of our favourite waterfalls. It is located in the Vrata Valley and it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia.


The best thing? You can actually walk behind the waterfall and admire it from an unusual perspective. 


Waterfall Pericnik in Vrata Valley, Slovenia.


There are actually two waterfalls; the upper one is 16m and the lower one 52m high. From the mountain hut Koča pri Peričniku, which offers refreshments, it takes 10 - 15min to reach the bottom of the first fall. The second climb is a bit harder, but definitely worth it when you see the second (smaller) waterfall and lovely views of the mountains.


You can walk behind waterfall Pericnik in Vrata Valley.


Drive to village Mojstrana and follow the signs into Vrata Valley. The first parking spot will be at a small bridge, keep driving over the sand road until you reach a hut on the left. The first few parking spots belong to the restaurant and cost 2€,- 5 meters further there are some free parking spots.


Free entrance, always open.


5. Waterfall Savica

Savica Waterfall is one of the most popular waterfalls in Slovenia. It is located in the Triglav National Park, close to Lake Bohinj. If you’re in the area, definitely add this waterfall to your itinerary.

River Savica falls from the elevation of almost 900 meters and the waterfall is about 80 meters high. Clear blue water falling down against gray rocks is a really unique view, even more, if we take into account the relaxing surrounding nature and the nice cold breeze, which cool us down on hot summer days.

This waterfall could also be called the most cultural waterfall. Slovenian greatest poet, France Prešeren, immortalized this waterfall in an epic poem about the ancestors of our nation, the pagan Slavs and their struggle with Christianity.


Waterfall Savica is one of the most popular waterfalls in Slovenia.



The hike to the Savica waterfall is not hard – it’s a bit steep, but those in good shape shouldn’t have a problem. It takes about 20 minutes and around 560 stairs to get to this charming waterfall. The magnificent Savica Waterfall cuts deep into a gorge 60 metres below and ends in Sava River.


The hike to slap Savica in Slovenia is easy and takes around 20 min. The views from a path to waterfall Savica offer views to lake Bohinj, Slovenia.



You can take a walk from the Lake Bohinj or drive to the parking lot at the Savica hut. Beautiful stairways lead from the parking lot to the waterfall.


Adults: 3 EUR
Children: 1,5 EUR
Parking: 3 EUR


Making a list of our top 5 waterfalls was no easy task, as there are many more waterfalls in Slovenia worth visiting. If you have any additional questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us!


Written by: 

Nina, Nest Campers

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