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6 hidden corners of Slovenia you simply have to visit!

Campervan stork with mountain scenary
08. June 2020

Have you been stuck on Google, researching and wondering where to go on a trip around Slovenia?

No more wasting time, we have prepared six awesome trip ideas that will leave you speechless.


Have you ever dreamed of escaping the boredom of your everyday life, jumping behind the wheel and going on a trip, but you have already ticked off the tourist hot spots, such as the Soča River, Postojna Cave or Lake Bled from your list?

You may wonder what else is there to see in Slovenia? There are countless beautiful possibilities in Slovenia.

You can get to all the starting points with your car, but it is even better if you visit them with a campervan and extend the trip for a whole weekend or even longer. 

This way you can tick off the list much more must-dos and make it a bombastic trip, which will be the fruit of envy for many "outdoor" enthusiasts.

Are you ready? Below are six options that will leave you flabbergasted. 


1. Discover the natural wonders of the wild Pokljuka gorge 

Not far from Bled, which is blessed with a fairytale scenery, but is also swamped by thousands of tourists each year, lies the Pokljuka Gorge. You have probably heard of the more visited and advertised Bled Vintgar, which is also another option for a visit to this kind of natural landmark, but it is only a more popular neighbor of the Pokljuka Gorge.  

Does visiting a less known and much less crowded hidden gem sound better? Don't be afraid and read on! 

Pokljuška luknja v pokluški soteski, izlet z avtodomom nestcampers, raziskuj slovenijo
You'll feel like a true adventurer when exploring Pokljuka Gorge. Source: https://www.slotrips.si/


There is a well-maintained circular path that provides a special experience, taking you through the largest fossil gorge in Slovenia, which lies in the Triglav National Park.  

Park your camper in the small, free car park and start you journey. The path is clearly marked and suitable for all. At the start, it will lead you along the bottom of the gorge, returning above the walls and through the Pokljuka hole. 

In an hour and a half, you will be struck by the rough beauty of steep rock walls, magical forest, holes, natural bridges, the caves and the narrow passages between walls which reach high into the sky. It might feel as you were stepping into another world! 

roatrip, nestcampers, rent a campervan slovenia
High rock walls in the Pokljuka gorge. Source: https://www.slotrips.si/ 


If you decide and stay near Pokljuka overnight and you love the freedom behind the wheel, we suggest you park in one of the campsites nearby after the trip and make your plan for the next days. 

You can choose between Camp Bled with the V.I.P views is located alongside lake Bled and a brand-new campsite River Camping Bled, which is the pick for those who enjoy camping in the heart of nature as it is located along the Sava River. 

And there is more! 

If you arrive at the campsite behind the wheel of any of our campers, you can claim a discount which is offered for every night stay. All you have to do is show the pendant on the key of our camper

Now, there really is nothing left stopping you from an epic adventure! 


2. Listen to the sound of water in Šunik's water grove (a.k.a. water paradise) 

If the road takes you to the Posočje region, where there are thousands of opportunities to discover beautiful and interesting places, do not forget to take time and stop at Šunik's water grove. But we do advise to be careful! This hidden gem can cause many side effects. You might get too excited and don't want to leave.  

The water grove is hidden in the Lepena valley. It is a popular, but nicely hidden pearl, siting in the embrace of trees in the Triglav National Park. There is a circular pathway through it and a choice of a longer or shorter version of it. The final pick is on you, but we do recommend you take the longer one, if you can, as time will fly by discovering the beauty lying around every new corner and before you know, you are back to your camper. If you do decide to take the longer walk, the parking and also the starting point of the walk are at the Klin campsite. At first the path takes you along the road, but soon you will need to cross the footbridge on the right side of the stream, which will take you towards the waterfalls and pools. For a shorter version of the walk, you need to drive from the Klin campsite to the information board, which is located just along the main road. Besides all the info, there is also a small, free parking lot. But, no matter which option you choose, we promise you that you will be thrilled with the beauty of the nature surrounding you right from the start. In the grove the water rolls playfully over the rocks and in small waterfalls before it makes its way into the green pools.  

nest campers, roadtrip slovenia, hidden corners
Relax while watching and listening to the drops of water playfully bouncing from pool to pool. Source: https://www.soca-trenta.si/  


When you finally decide to leave the water grove, we know, going home will not be an option just yet. The perfect solution is Camp Klin, waiting for you around the corner. Here, too, you can make the best bank for your buck, using 10% discount per night, driving one of our campers. And another pro tip: Soča River creates amazing, large, green-blue pools. Check if there is an adrenaline junky hiding in you and dive into the icy cold water! Do you dare?!  


3. Cycling adventure through the trenches of the Peca underground 

The variety of hills crossed through and through by vining paths are a real magnet for all the mountain bikers out there. Luckily, Slovenia offers many opportunities for a great trip and with the human curiosity paired with desire to explore there are no limits to your adventure. It can take us from the cities, across the nature's paradises to the last corners of our planet where the human foot has not yet stepped.  

Can you imagine cycling more than 5 kilometers, from one valley to another? Under the ground? 

If that sounds like you, follow your guide, put on a head lamp and embark on an adventure through abandoned and mysterious mining tunnels under Mount Peca. The trail is five kilometers long and rises only about 15 meters, but the terrain does require some thought and skills. 

Nestcampers, roadtrip, slovenia camping
Cycling adventure through the tunnels under Mount Peca. Source: https://www.slovenia.info/


This cycling adventure is only possible with a guide. After booking a tour, you meet your guide at the info center of the Karavanke Geopark, located in Glančnik (in the city of Mežica). Don't worry if you don't have the gear. At the Geopark you can rent all the equipment you need and ride into your adventure. 

Firstly, the guide will drive you to the entrance of the cave on Igrčevo above Črna na Koroškem, where the underground cycling route begins. From here, strap on a helmet, head lamp, put on some warm clothes and off you go. 

In the tunnels, the constant temperature is around 10 degrees Celsius and there is a complete darkness. The first sign of light will appear after about two and a half hours, when you make your way from the tunnels to the valley of Breg above Mežica. From that point your descent will be easy, following the main road (approximately 1.5 kilometers) to the starting point on Glančnik. 

Does that not sound crazy? 

Cycling down the mountain from one valley to another is a unique adventure that will leave you speechless. And hey, we will tell you another secret. If you are an experienced cyclist, you can also go on and ride the Black hole trail. That is an advanced trail, which can only be handled by technically well-trained and experienced mountain bikers. The difficulty of the route is rated in black, so do not attempt the trail if you are a beginner or even an intermediate rider. The track is full of challenges and demanding technical sections, but it does offer a one of a kind experience with a view of endless black. 

Slovenia adrenalin, campervan rental, roadtrip
For more experienced cyclists, there is also a technically more demanding route. Source: https://www.slovenia.info/sl  


The entry fee to the mine is €30 per person and if you need to rent the bike, you will have to pay another €10 on top. The bike tours run from Tuesday to Sunday, at 10:00 and 14:00, but only as a pre-booked tour. 

If you are a pro biker, looking for an adventure in the Black hole trail, the entry fee will be €50 and the date is set by prior arrangement. 

The Koroška region is said to still be so pure, undiscovered and full of surprises, even though it is one of the smallest regions in Slovenia. In addition to the mentioned options above, Koroška offers many other cycling and hiking experiences.  

Remember the hint we gave you - that you should extend your day trip a bit longer? With your camper you can stop at the camper stop in Slovenj Gradec and uncover even more of what this lush area has to offer! 


4. A perfect winter trip: a visit to Klevevž natural hot spring 

Jumping into the winter sea, river or lake is a unique experience and usually reserved only for the brave ones who can outstand the cold. But the hidden natural gem of Dolenjska region makes splashing around the water in winter time, accessible also for the little less courageous among us. Pack your swimsuit and let's go! 

In the hidden corners of Dolenjska, in the municipality of Šmarješke Toplice, there is Grič pri Klevevžu. This is the home of Radulja stream, accompanied by and a lovely pathway, which starts near the parking lot located in the village. The path will lead you to the last waterfall of the stream, which reveals the Klevev basin. This is a natural thermal spring, where the water stays at beautiful 24 degrees Celsius all year round and just begging you to jump in!  

adventure slovenia, winter swiming, road trip, rent a motorhome
Is there at least a hint of an adrenaline junky in you? Are you tempted to swim in nature in the middle of winter? Source: https://www.nadlani.si/ 


As we said, the water is warm, but getting into your bikinis at -2 degrees is easier said than done. 

Goose bumps guaranteed! But not for long.

As soon as you jump into the warm, emerald water of the Klevev private spa, you will forget all about the cold that was shaking you just a second ago.  

To make your spa experience even more mystical, the warm water and the cold air will surround you with hot steam. Sounds like Disney? 

As you know to experience something incredible, you need to do something you’ve never done before and jump out of your comfort zone. 

Just a bit of advice. Take enough warm clothes to change after your spa session is done and don't be afraid if you see no changing rooms around the thermal pool. After all, this is nature and that is how it should be left – unchanged and pristine. Besides, you can always find a tall tree to hide behind. 

Attention to all! We do not take responsibility for any coughs or sneezing which might develop on your way home. The only thing we do take full responsibility for is the happy faces and the million-dollar smiles! 


5. A trip to the mountains: Ribniški peak and Ribniško lake 

Would you rather choose strapping on your hiking boots than an easy sunny Sunday coffee session? No wonder!

Slovenia is covered with 10,000 kilometers of well-marked mountain trails. It is really no surprise why hiking is deeply ingrained in our hearts. And the beauty doesn't lie only in the highs of two-thousand-meter peaks and rocky mountains, many beautiful paths also take you closer to home and reveal the hidden beauty.

What are you waiting for? Pack your lunch, mountain gear and explore one of the highest peaks of Pohorje and uncover the beautiful Ribnica Lake

Road trip slovenia, hidden corners, campervan roadtrip
Source: Tone Toplak Photography 


You will need to put your hiking boot on once your reach Rogla, which is a well-known ski resort. You won't be able to reach the top with your car, so the best idea is to leave it alongside the main road, where there is always enough parking space. If you want to extend your trip the camper stop at Rogla is fully equipped and comes with a fee of €15 per day. 

The walk will take you approximately two to three hours one way, so don’t forget to pack some snacks and carry plenty of water. The path from Hotel Planja on top of Rogla starts in the direction of Lovrenška lakes, which is one of the most central and visited sights in Pohorje. 

You will reach Lovrenška lakes after about an hour and a half of walking and there you can climb the lookout tower, which offers a special view over the blue-black lakes, low green pine bushes and wooden pathways that lead through the swamp. But don't drift away into a daydream for too long, your final destination is still about an hour and a half of a walk away. 

From here, head for Ribnica hut or Ribnica lake. The path is flat at first, but it soon begins to descend and at the end it will surprise you with a steep climb. The ascent leads you to the pathway crossing between Jezerski peak or Ribnica peak and Ribnica lake. We recommend that you hike on top first. The Jezerski peak grows high with an altitude of 1537 m and is considered one of the highest peaks of Pohorje. The peak is completely bare and offers a breathtaking view of Pohorje and part of Štajerska region.  

Once you’ve soaked in the views, had your lunch and recharged your batteries, head further to the lake, which is hiding just under the top. Ribnica Lake is actually a high peat bog and not a real lake. But don't worry, it will still immediately enchant you with its fairytale beauty. 

Roadtrip campervan, hidden slovenia, rent a motorhome
Ribnica Lake on Pohorje. Source: https://vnaravi.si/  

We promise, when you get back to your camper, it won't be easy to leave Pohorje. If you are not in a hurry to go home, treat yourself to coffee and enjoy the fresh air, which is especially good in the summer months. Bonus tip: if you agree with us, that the best coffee is the one brewed in the peak of the hills - in our camper, you can brew one in the heart of Rogla, as you would at home, on a gas stove. Quite simple! 


6. Sunset at Socerb Castle 

The sunsets are one of the most incredible plays of nature and one of the best things we can experience anywhere, completely free of charge. Is there anything better than sitting on a beautiful viewing point and watching the sky play with colors as the day turns into night? One of the lookout points that takes the best-sunset viewing award is the Socerb Castle. And we know we don't have to ask you twice, to go on a road trip to our lovely seaside.

Socerb castle, sunset slovenia, campervan rental, roadtrip slovenia
Source: http://kopershoreexcursions.com/ 


If you are a fan of incredible views, be sure to stop at Socerb Castle, the next time you head off to Slovenian coast. The latest time you need to reach the castle is 30min before the sunset, so time your trip right. 

About 30 meters above the settlement which goes under the same name, you will find the ruins of the castle, which is also an inn. 

Near the mighty walls of the castle, you will find something special. The Holy Cave, which is the home of the only underground church in Slovenia (open for viewing every Sunday at 14.00). This is a 44-meter-deep and 231-meter-long karst cave, you simply must visit. 

Socerb Castle offers you a spectacular panoramic view of the Gulf of Trieste. And according to many, that is the most beautiful view of the Slovenian coast, Trieste with its surroundings and the Istrian hinterland. 

You can drive right to the top and park by the castle, but we do suggest you make the effort and walk on top of the hill, as the sunset will feel much more special if you work for it. You can start your walk in Osp village. Once in the village, find the tourist farm Vovk, park your ride and head on to the top. A moderate pace of walk will take you about an hour and a half to reach the castle. Remember our tip to extend your trip? Be a traveler for a day and visit to the Slovenian coast like you have never been there before! If you can, stay longer in the mist of unspoiled nature, in an idyllic village under the world-famous Osap Wall.  

If you don't know where to stay - the mentioned Farm Vovk Osp offers plenty of solutions for camping!  

Book your nest on wheels now and explore the unknown pearls of Slovenia. 

Written by: 

Polona Kotnik and Martina Mestek

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