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Benefits of renting a campervan in Europe's off-peak season

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27. August 2019

From the lush forests of Northern Europe to popular cities like Venice, Europe is set on fire each autumn, and driving through the beautiful fall foliage is one of the highlights of visiting Europe during this time of the year.


Campervan hire Europe
Autumn at peaceful Lake Bohinj, Slovenia.


With greater numbers of people on the move and warmer temperatures stretching peak season in Europe well into fall, hiring a campervan during off-season really is the best way to get the most out of your campervan road trip.

Think Dubrovnik, Venice, Plitvice lakes, lake Bled … in the summer. Even though nobody can really take away the beauty of those places, blistering heat, high rates and masses of people definitely make it a different experience than often expected.

Dubrovnik travel campervan
Croatian town of Dubrovnik during busiest months of July and August.

Because summers have been hotter for the last couple of years, September and October are becoming the new August.

For us, autumn is the best time of the year to go on a campervan road trip! Continue reading to find out why.



As summer draws to a close, so too do the masses of tourists that rain down upon our beloved European cities and nature spots.

Becuse some places are no longer a secret due to their natural beauty, media exposure or several Game of Thrones filming locations, the majority of tourists still visit those places in July and August. The fall offers you a chance to experience those places in peace and quiet, avoiding the crowds and the sweat.

Besides having the main attractions all for yourself, you'll also get best spots in the campgrounds! This means you'll be able to park up your campervan on the lake/beach shores and other front first rows – you'll get the best views and more than enough privacy, something that is virtually impossible during high season time.

Campervan Europe, autumn europe
Happy campers on their autumn road trip thorugh Slovenia.
photo credit: Erin and Dylan



Rental prices, campgrounds prices, ferry prices, accommodation prices (not that you need an extra accommodation when travelling with our campervan), food prices, entry tickets, flight tickets … With a drop of temperatures, all those prices drop too.

Our rental prices drop siginificantly from 1st of October, but that doesn't happen only with us. In Dubrovnik for example, accommodation prices can drop up to 70% off season. The ticket prices for Plitvice National Park in September to October are 100 kuna for adults (13,50€), compared to 250 kuna 33,80€) in July and August. We could go on and on with examples like this, but you get the point …

Instead of spending all your heard earned cash for summer holidays, go on an autumn road trip and spend all that extra money on other things!

Campervan rental Slovenia, Italy, Croatia and Austria
Not only temperatures drop, our rental prices drop too.



Autumn is vibrant, colorful, flavoursome, different. As leaves slowly turn into golden yellow shades, autumn also brings out some amazing delicacies! Late in summer and in the autumn the mood on farms is especially joyful, for this is the time of harvest and bringing in the crops. 

The grape harvest season is one of the loveliest times of the year. October is a great time to tour wine country like Goriška Brda wine region and the Vipava Valley a little way south in western Slovenia. Located along the Italian border, Goriška Brda and its nearly 700 wineries are known as the "Tuscany of Slovenia” and offer plenty of wine tasting options. Delicious wine, if we must add!

Besides grape harvest you can experience olive picking, truffle hunting in Croatian Istra region or you can go collect chestnuts or mushrooms in the forests, etc.

Auutmn road trip, campervan Slovenia, campervan Europe
Delicious autumn!



Probably our favourite reason! Chilly mornings and warm days are great for all kinds of adventures, not to mention you'll be accompanied with amazing autumn colors. October brings the crisp autumn air and morning fog – can you imagine waking up next to mystical lake Bohinj on an idylic fall morning?

Mild weather still makes it possible to go hiking (always check the forecast and snow levels though) in the Alps, and the sea in Croatia is still warm enough for swimming. Win win situation.

Hiking Slovenia, campervan Europe
Autumn weather is perfect for hiking. Happy campers on Mt. Raduha in October 2018.



Because we want this autumn to be your best autumn so far, we've made a special deal for rentals from 1st of October 2019.

We're giving you 10% discount on your rentals and a FREE wine tasting tour!


campervan rental europe
See you this autumn!


Sounds like a dream? Well, time to call it a plan. 

Written by: 

Nina Majcen

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