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Best 5 short hikes in Slovenia

Two travelers enjoying top view from Bovec
06. March 2019

Are you on the hunt for the best hikes in Slovenia that aren't too crazy and are easy to do? Here's our list of the best short hikes, ideal for stops along your road trip. Believe us, besides exploring Slovenia with a campervan, the best way to truly see what Slovenia has to offer is strapping on your hiking shoes and spending your days out in nature.

Hiking is practically Slovenian national sport, whether it’s ascending Mount Triglav or simply going for a leisurely walk around Lake Bled or Lake Bohinj. There are countless hiking trails in Slovenia, but we've selected five short hikes you can do in one day or less.



Velika Planina mountain with a peak at 1666m is located near the capital city Ljubljana and only a few kilometers from Kamnik town. It’s the highest mountain pasture in Slovenia. A pleasant hike will take you to the stunning natural and cultural wonder, where you’ll witness more than 500 distinctive shepherd’s cottages and numerous pastures.

For more than 500 years, a shepherd community has existed on Velika Planina and even today you can meet real herdsmen on green pastures, while the pleasant aromas of sour milk, buckwheat žganci, and alpine tea waft from typical cottages. From June to September the shepherds take the cows out into fields and the place becomes even more magical.

Hiking in Slovenia with Kids, Velika planina shepherd, velika planina huts, road trip Slovenia
Hiking lovers should definitely visit a herdsmen settlement on Velika Planina and if you're lucky enough you'll even see shepherd dressed in their traditional clothes. 

Hiking in Slovenia, hike to Velika Planina, hiking tips slovenia, campervan road trip


Kranjski rak: 2 - 2,5h one way, altitude difference of 660 meters
Kraljev hrib (Kamniška Bistrica Valley):3h one way, altitude difference of 1,126 meters
Stahovica (via Sv. Primož): 3,5h one way, altitude difference of 1,275 meters


Once you get to the top you’ll have quite some options to choose, all offering traditional Slovenian food: 

  • Zeleni rob guest house
  • Domžalski dom
  • Črnuški dom
  • Jarški dom

A tip: If you don’t feel like hiking but you still want to see the herdsman's village and try their traditional mid-day meal, you can also use the cable car which operates all year around (adult return ticket 17€, one-way ticket 11€).

Hiking in Slovenia, mountain huts Slovenia, traditional Slovenian food
The traditional meal, served in small cottages on Velika Planina: sour milk, buckwheat žganci and alpine herbal tea.


Cable car to Velika Planina, hiking in Slovenia, Slovenia road trip
The bottom station of the cable car to Velika planina is located in Kamniška Bistrica, only 3km before the ending of the valley. 



Hike to the peak of Slemenenova špica, 1911m will take you roughly 1,5 hours one way. The walk to Slemenova Špica is a wonderful introduction to mountain walking in the Julian Alps of Slovenia. The starting point is at the top of Vršič pass, where you can park your campervan by Erjavčeva hut. At the top you’ll be greeted with amazing views, small lakes, and many larch trees for which Slemenova Špica is famous for.

In autumn, the fall waves its magic wand and paints nature all golden and brown. The views from Slemenova Špica are simply stunning!

Hiking in Slovenia, Slemenova Špica, hiking from Vršič
Great views all around.


STARTING POINT: Erjavčeva hut at Vršič pass

HIKE TIME: 1,5 - 2 hours one way

CULINARY OFFERINGS: Unfortunately there are no restaurants at the peak, but the area around Vršič offers a great deal of amazing culinary experiences.

This hike is easy, marked and it’s great for kids as well.

Hiking from Vršič, Slovenia road trip, hiking in Slovenia


3. MT. MANGART (from Mangart Saddle)

Even though this hike is only about two hours long (one way), it’s considered a very difficult yet market trail (bringing a helmet is recommended).

There are two trails leading to the peak of Mangart, though they both start at the saddle and only after 30 minutes the paths divide. You can choose to walk on the Italian or Slovenian side (the latter is a lot more difficult). 

Hiking in Slovenia, Mangart hike, road trip Slovenia
You can stand on top of the fourth highest mountain in Slovenia within 2 hours because of the Mangart road lifting you up to a little over 2000 meters.

Hikin Mangart, hiking in Slovenia
The easiest path to Mt. Mangart summit is the Italian route. It's not really technical or demanding, but we do recommend you bring a helmet if you have one.


STARTING POINT: Mangart Saddle (the road that leads to the parking is payable, 5€)

HIKE TIME: 2 - 2,5 hours one way

CULINARY OFFERINGS: There are no restaurants waiting for you at the top, so make sure to pack some sandwiches and fruit for energy. There is a mountain hut at Mangart Saddle. 


Hiking in Slovenia, Mangart hike, road trip Slovenia
Mt. Mangart (2679 masl) is the fourth highest mountain in Slovenia.

Hiking in Slovenia, Mangart hike, road trip Slovenia, magart view from the top, mountains in Slovenia
Mesmerizing views from Mt. Mangart summit.



There are many trails that lead to the peak of Snežnik (1796m), but for most the starting point is at Sviščaki.

Snežnik hiking, easy hike in Slovenia, hiking in Slovenia, road trip Slovenia
Snežnik is the highest mountain of southern Slovenia, surrounded by extensive forests, the land of bears, wolfs, and lynxes.

Snežnik hiking, easy hike in Slovenia, hiking in Slovenia, road trip Slovenia
Snežnik is the highest non-Alpine mountain in Slovenia. It is proudly perched at 1796 meters above sea level.


HIKE TIME: 2 hours one way

CULINARY OFFERINGS: just below the peak there is a Draga Karolina mountain hut

Snežnik hiking, easy hike in Slovenia, hiking in Slovenia, road trip Slovenia
The mountain cabin ‘Draga Karolina’ (Koča Draga Karolina) sits just below the peak where there is an outlook plateau.



The name of this mountain (1653m) can literally be translated into “pig hole” and there are many wonderings about why it was named like that because it looks absolutely stunning. There is only one starting point, and that’s from Kal - Koritnica.

At the peak, there is a smaller version of Aljaž tower (the original proudly stands at the peak of the highest mountain in Slovenia - Mt. Triglav at 2864m) and the peak offers great views of Soča Valley and surrounding Alps.

hiking in Soča region, hike from Bivec to Svinjak, beautiful hikes in Slovenia, road trip Slovenia
A miniature 'Aljaž tower' (like the one on the top of Mt. Triglav) marks the summit of Mt. Svinjak.

Svinjak hiking, easy hike in Slovenia, hiking in Slovenia, road trip Slovenia
Easy to see why Mt. Svinjak is dubbed also 'The Matterhorn of Bovec'. 

STARTING POINT: Kal - Koritnica

HIKE TIME: 3 hours and 15 minutes one way

CULINARY OFFERINGS: no culinary offerings here, so pack up a lunch and some fruits, do not forget plenty of water!

The hike is pretty easy except right before the peak. As the trail is mostly in the open, make sure to wear a hat in the summer days.

Svinjak hiking, easy hike from Bovec, hiking in Slovenia, road trip Slovenia
The path to Mt. Svinjak is constantly steep and gives little chance to rest, but the views from the top are worth the sweat.


But if you are up for a challenge, go on a Triglav Tour and conquer the highest peak in Slovenia, we promise you you won't regret it. There's nothing that beats walking holidays in Slovenia!

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Written by: 

Eva and Nina, Nest Campers crew

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