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Family road trip in Slovenia - camping with kids

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14. March 2021

School holidays, beautiful weather, and a few days off. What better way to spend this time than hire a campervan with your family and drive towards new adventures?

Slovenia is a prime family holiday destination, blessed with impressive and idyllic landscapes and a pleasantly mild climate.

Friendly campsites, water and adventure parks, caves, swimmable lakes, warm lazy rivers, and walking trails designed for little legs are just part of the story – many businesses go out of their way to make families welcome in Slovenia.

We've gathered a few suggestions on what to do and what to see when you travel through Slovenia with kids

Camping road trip with family Slovenia, Slovenia with kids, camping slovenia
˝Family: A social unit where the father is concerned with parking space, the children with outer space, and the mother with closet space. ˝ (Evan Esar)


If you loved camping and campervanning when you were young, wild, and free, why wouldn't you enjoy it the same or even more with a toddler or two by your side? 

If just the idea of it sounds exhausting, think again!

A proper and comfortable bed to sleep in, a fully functional kitchen to cook whenever you need, and even a toilet and/or a bathroom.

For families traveling with kids, we suggest renting bigger van models, either Stork campervan or Falcon campervan, as those nests on wheels have enough space for 4 people and include everything you need for a stress-free road trip with your children. We didn't forget about frisbee and a set of playing cards!


Don't just teach kids about the world, show them!

Less internet and plenty of outdoor activities to choose from will make your family work as a team and create those unforgettable childhood memories.

And the best part of the campervan holidays? If you don´t like the spot, you can simply pack up, close the doors, and drive away in a matter of minutes.

We already covered the basics of driving in Slovenia, where to camp, what to do on a rainy day, and why Slovenia is the best campervan country.

We offered some tasty recipes on the go and proven tricks that will make you campervan like a pro. We already offered a bunch of trip ideas to fill your vacation plans for the next couple of years, but this time we will give some great ideas on where to go campervanning with kids

camping with kids, slovenia camping holiday, travel with family slovenia


We have picked out eight great destinations in Slovenia your kids will love.

And so will you.


1. Camp Menina, exploring Logarska Valley and Rinka Waterfall

In the heart of Savinja river valley, just an hour's drive from the noise and traffic of big cities like Ljubljana or Maribor, you'll find one of the best campsites in Slovenia, if not even Europe, camping Menina.

Camping with kids in Slovenia, travel with kids slovenia, camping menina, menina slovenia, campervan slovenia
This camp has it all. And a bit more.


Easily accessible from either side of the highway (MB-LJ or LJ-MB), take the exit for Šentrupert. Follow the road signage through Mozirje and Nazarje to Varpolje 105. As they advise on their website, be careful when using GPS, as it can take you over Črnivec crossing (902m), which is not suitable for bigger vehicles or trailers. Make it simple and safe and stick to the highway.

Camp Menina is a 4-star campsite, equipped with everything you can even think of. Sitting between river Savinja and a small lake is perfect for all things water, sun, and fresh air!

The campsite offers 220 camp slots, four toilet facilities, a restaurant, laundry, service point, sauna and wellness center, adrenalin park, and a raft garage - the go-to for all of sports activities. It is usually packed with families from all sides of the world, so your youngest will always have a partner in crime to play with and make some international friends along the way.

They have thought of it all in this camp! But the main thing they are known for is being the best camp for families with children of all ages. With professional guided children animation provided by a Norwegian company, playgrounds, activities, and even hidden kids toilets, every day is an adventure your kiddies will not want to leave behind.

Pricing varies between high season (1.7. – 31.8.) and low season. Adults pay 12.50€ per day in high season and 9€ per day in the low season. For children, prices range from 8.50€ per day in high season and 4€ per day in low season, with a bonus of free camping for children under the age of 4. All charges include water, but you can add on electricity for another 4€ per day and an additional fridge for the same price. 

All Nest campers receive an additional 10% discount off of an overnight stay, as camp Menina is Nest Campers partner campsite!

Camping menina, family travel slovenia, camping with kids europe
Something your family can try out while camping in Camp Menina - SUP polo!


And we do advise you to stay in the area for at least a few days and explore Logarska Valley with Rinka waterfall.  

The drive to Rinka Waterfall takes about an hour from camp Menina. The road curving amongst the mountains will leave you and your family speechless.

There is an entrance fee of 8EUR to enter the valley with your campervan, but the price is well worth it. The entrance fee is charged only from April to October, see more information here. Entry is free for anyone entering the park without a motor vehicle.

If feeling lost and curious about what else is there to see, find the information point, located by Hotel Plesnik, and ask for advice and suggestions.

Logar valley, slovenia camping, travel with kids slovenia
Scenic Logar valley won't disappoint.

When you reach the main parking at the end of scenic Logar valley, follow the signs through the forest, reaching the waterfall on top. It is a lovely 15min walk in the shade, suitable for all levels and usually full of adventure-seeking visitors. Even before seeing this star of Logarska valley, you will be able to hear it´s power. With 105m, the Rinka waterfall is the second highest waterfall in Slovenia and it is the start of the Savinja River. A perfect spot for lunch and more than just a few selfies.

When making your way back, there is plenty of other sides stops you can explore. The Logar Valley as well as the nearby Robanov Kot and Matkov Kot valleys have been designated as a protected landscape park since 1987, preserving much of the region’s cultural heritage largely intact. From educational pathways through forests and river banks, bike trails, walking trails, restaurants, and touristic farms, the little ones will have unforgettable holidays, and parents lots of nights to enjoy the peace and quiet

We promise the kids will be asleep by 8 PM.


2. Soča Valley version for kids - Camp Nadiža

From a smaller Savinja river to THE one.

River Soča has been an inspiration for decades. Fly Fishing Soča has been the heaven of the earth for fishermen. Poets have described its beauty and so did we in our previous blog. Even if you don´t have the time to read it, at least look at the pictures, they tell more than 1000 words. Better yet, show them to your kiddies and see their eyes shine!

We know the Soča river valley can be a bit difficult to explore with the young ones by your side. That is why we present the kids version of it - Nadiža river valley.

Making your way on route 102, 11 km from Kobarid, turn right at Staro Selo. Drive until reaching the far west point, by the border with Italy and there you will find a lovely village called Podbela. On the bottom of that village, just next Nadiža river, there is a camp with the same name. It is a perfect spot for anyone who loves an unspoiled nature and an active getaway.

River Nadiža is very suitable for swimming, because of high water temperature and quiet flow. Having all the excitement Soča has to offer with slight less adrenalin and freezing factor to it.

Camp Nadiža, camping with kids, travel with kids, Slovenia travel
Stone stepped Napoleon bridge over the sinks of river Nadiža.

Camp Nadiža has been a go-to for families and all others since 1994, so they must be doing something right!

It has been renovated in 2016, with the addition of a new big playground, suitable for kids of all ages. In 2017 they have added new toilet facilities and areas for washing your dishes.

On the campground, there are about 150 campsites, as well as a big playground, basketball court, beach volleyball court, football area, and ping pong tables, bike hire, and options for rafting, rock-climbing, hiking, swimming. Whoa. 

The nearest shop is within 500m, washing facilities on site and of course, a bar and restaurant for those lazy days, when cooking is not even an option. And when you need a bit of silence, let the kids be creative in camp's drawing and painting workshop.

Camp Nadiža in Podbela is a campsite with an excellent reputation.

The Camp operates from the 28th of March until the 18th of October, with the peak season in July and August. The prices vary between seasons with a 1€ difference. In low season the price per adult per night is 12€ (13€ in high season) and 8€ for children between 7 and 14 years. All kiddies under the age of 7 can stay for free.

This campsite is also a Nest Campers partner camp, which means you get a 10% discount on overnight to stay when you show Nest Campers key ring at the reception!

The camp has received various awards and with its prime location and quality service, it is a great choice for the active families out there. 


3. Adventure park Vulkanija

From the far west of Slovenia to the far northeast end.

You may not know that but Slovenia was a home of a real-life volcano. About 3 million years ago in the region of Goričko, by the border with Hungary, there was a big explosion that shaped the land we walk upon now. And on that exact spot now stands the biggest castle in Slovenia - castle Grad.

he Grad Castle, which is said to have 365 rooms, is the biggest castle in Slovenia,
Castle Grad, which is said to have 365 rooms, is the biggest castle in Slovenia.


But just under the castle is where the real treasure lies.

The Adventure park Vulkanija. Word 'vulkanija' is a direct translation of the Slovenian word Vulkan - volcano. This informative and fun park is based on the crater of the original volcano and it is a real encyclopedia of all things earth, rock, minerals, and of course - volcanos. 

The visit to the adventure park is far from boring lectures. It is learning made fun trough interactive games and movies with fun special effects. Following the beginning of Earth and space, touching the stones and minerals, and walking through the lava pipe will be a day to remember!

Vulkanija adventure park, slovenia family travel, travel with kids
The Vulkanija Adventure Park presents the forces within the Earth's core and geological processes that take the place on near the surface.


With the help of Oli the mol, your kids will learn about the life of rocks and volcanos. A real adventure awaits when they drop you 6000m under the surface and make a 3D train ride back to light.

The quarry will be the playground for the day when they discover the residues of the mineral Olivin and the Pannonian Sea, which covered this part of the world million years ago. 

Vulkanija adventure park, travel slovenia with kids, slovenia campervan travel, slovenia ideas
Walk through the lava’s tube, experience a volcanic eruption, descend 6000 meters underground, and view a 3D movie about the origin of the universe.

After the dusty part, it is the time for a family ride with tourist train Oli. It will take you from the quarry to the castle and the Pütarov mill, which has been grinding along Lukaj creek since 1921. The mill is not active anymore, but there is still the display of a big electric mechanism, which used to turn endlessly. To visit this important part of Slovenian cultural heritage, pre-booking is essential.

The tour lasts for an hour and a half, with the entry fee of 10€ per adult, for kids age 6 - 15 the fee is 7€ and for little ones 3 - 5 years old, the tickets cost 2€. There is also the option of the family tickets, which cover the fee of two adults and two kids up to 15 years, for 25€. For all additional information click here.

All this and more can be discovered just a good two-hour drive from Ljubljana. In the direction of Maribor, follow Route A5 and take the exit Sveti Jurij ob Ščavnici. Pass Radenci, Bodonci, and Radovci until you reach a small town of Grad. Once there, the adventure park is easy to find.

Along the way make sure you notice how the land changes and if bored try to rhyme the names of towns you pass - we promise it's great fun!


4. Train ride through Postojna Cave

Does the name Postojna cave sound familiar? We have covered this magnificent underworld phenomenon in one of our previous blogs, but we did not mention why it is a perfect idea for a family trip. Even more so on a rainy day, when all you had planned was sagging in the campervan and waiting for the sun to appear through the clouds.

Even the idea of stepping in the underground sounds exciting!

Make your way through the tunnels that were made millions of years before and admire real-life baby dragons, which you cannot find anywhere else.

And if that is not enough to get your young ones excited - the train ride through spaghetti halls most certainly will!


End your trip in the Predjama castle, the home of mighty knights and princesses. What better way to spend a rainy day!

Predjama castle, slovenia castles,travel slovenia with kids
Behind the largest cave castle in the world, Predjama castle, lies a network of secret tunnels.

Located in the south-west karst region, Postojna Cave is widely known, well signed, and easily located on the A1 motorway from Ljubljana, Koper, or Trieste (Postojna motorway exit No. 41).

The cave is open year-round, with a constant temperature of 10°C, so make sure you wrap up warm, even in the summer.

Ticket prices vary, depending on the season (high season between 27. 6. 2020 and 6. 9. 2020) and the package you choose. The basic entrance fee to Postojna Cave, which includes the train ride back to the surface is 27.90€ for adults in high season and 25.80€ in the low season. For children age 6 to 15, prices range from 16.70€ in high season and 15.50€ in the low season, with an entrance fee of 1€ for children up to age 5.

Postojna cave, cavesin slovenia, slovenia travel blog, slovenia travel information, family travel europe
Visitors get to see 5km of the cave on 1½-hour tours; 3.2km of this is covered by a cool electric train.

If you want a bit more, you can also add on the entrance to Vivario, Predjama castle, and Expo Cave Karst. To check all the prices follow this link.

Parking is available just by the main entrance for 5€ a day.

If your little ones had enough adventure for a day and you decide to stay overnight, their camper stop area is open from April to October, equipped with water and electrical hook up units at a very reasonable price of 20€ per night.


5. The Tree Top walk on Rogla and Mini Zoo Slovenjske Konjice

From the world under the surface to the one above.

Have you ever wondered how the forest looks like from a bird's eye point of view? If not, your little ones probably have and now it is the perfect time to go see it for yourself.

A new attraction in the heart of Rogla mountain has opened its doors in autumn 2019 and it is amazing! Offering stunning views over the surrounding forests and valley, treetop walk is one of a kind experience.

Rogla tree top walk, rogla travel, slovenia family camping, camping with kids slovenia, nature slovenia travel, travel blog europe
Slovenia's first and only treetop walk is situated on Rogla mountain.


With 1517m altitude, Rogla mountain is known as a very popular skiing destination in Slovenia and it is easily accessible from highway Ljubljana - Maribor. After the highway exit, Slovenske Konjice makes your way towards Zreče and follow the signs for Rogla. With plenty of activities for families, Rogla gained the reputation of a year-round destination for those quick weekend escapes

In addition to all the hiking trails, biking trails, Lovrenška lakes, and other hidden gems, the gates of treetop walk are now open for you to observe them at 37 meters above the ground and among lush tree canopies.

Lovrenska lakes, lakes rogla, hiking rogla, slovenia hiking, travel with kids slovenia
When on Rogla, visit Lovrenška lakes! It takes 3 hours for a flat circular route from Rogla to the moor that hides interesting lakes with wooden footbridges.

The 1000m long treetop walk is placed in a beautiful wooden tower, guiding you through various forest features, passing giant trees, following their growth from roots to the top, with some of them over a hundred years old. If your children love to learn and are interested in nature's facts, there are plenty of information boards on the path, explaining all you see.

And for all the hyper kids? Several adrenaline stops along the way will make sure the excess energy is burned in a safe and fun way the whole family can enjoy.

The Tree Top walk is opened 363 days a year, with a slight difference in seasonal opening times. November - February the walk is opened from 10 AM to 4 PM; in March, April, May, and October from 10 AM to 6 PM. And in the summertime from June - September, you can visit the tower from 9.30 AM to 7 PM. 

Entry fees stay the same thought the year. The price for an adult ticket is 10€, for children 3-14years of age the price is 8€ and for the little ones, under the age of 3, the walk is completely free. There is also a Family ticket, perfect for small to bigger ones, including two adults and 1-2 children for a price of 25€ (any additional child under the age of 14 is priced at 7€).

Daily parking is available and free and as they advise on their website ˝with many parking spots available on Rogla on the way from The Treetop Walk to the Hotel Planja and further. Simply follow the parking signs.˝ 

To enjoy mountain Rogla to the fullest, we suggest making the camper stop on Rogla your home for a few days. Choose one from the 48 fully equipped, camper stop parking spots available + 5 kWh electricity for 15€ per day. Extras are available, such as electricity per 1 kWh for an additional 0,50€ and 100l water for 1€. Tourist tax will cost you 2€ a day and the price of check-in in the nearby hotel comes with a price of 1€. A good bargain!

A good half an hour drive back towards the highway, in the little town of Slovenske Konjice, there is another stop, made just for kids.

The green road sign and accurate GPS instruction will bring you to your new adventure.

Mini Zoo Land is home to more than 100 animals and 30 different animal species from all over the globe. Making way through different times and different cultures and environments the animals come from, this adventure is far different from the ones kids are used to today.

Mini zoo, family trips with kids slovenia, camping with children slovenia, kids slovenia travel
In this theme park, you'll meet chatty parrots, bouncy kangaroos, crocodiles, and various varieties of domestic animals from all over the world.


Let your child guide you through the land of Wild Wild West, far away land of Australia, Secret island, Monkey zip-line, and even a real Pirate ship!

If you visit Mini Zoo Land on the weekend, from March to September (and your children are older than 2 and lighter than 40kg),  there is another surprise waiting.

A real-life pony rides! Miško, the pony, is accompanied by a professional guide, of course, so your bundle of joy will be in good hands. 

The animal park is opened daily, even in wintertime from 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM, with free parking on the grass. 

Ticket prices are the same all year round. 6€ for adults and 4€ for kids and an additional 3€ for a lap with Miško the pony makes the visit fun and affordable. 


6. Kekec Wonderland

If you have not heard of the name Kekec, now is the time. Kekec is a superhero of Slovenia and a timeless icon of courage and pure heart.

Kekec is actually a story, written in 1918, about a brave boy, a fearless shepherd from the highlands of his home region, Kranjska Gora, and the Julian Alps. He is a goodhearted guy who is fighting an evil wild hunter from the mountains (Bedanec) and an evil herbalist woman from the mountains who is stealing children (Pehta). 

The trilogy of Kekec and his adventures became famous with a movie version and songs and is now engraved in Slovenian culture and taught to children to this day.

Kekec shepherd, slovenia kekec, kekec boy, slovenia kekec
Kekec - the kind, brave, cheerful, friendly little shepherd boy - is the most popular boy-hero in Slovenia.


Inspired by the tale of Kekec, a special themed park grew to be, just where it all started. In Kranjska Gora, a hidden gem between the mountains, you will find the Kekec Wonderland. A guided tour through the stories of fear, danger, and adventures starts in front of the Julijana Tourist Agency. 

A special Bedanc Bus departs to the secret location in the woods, every day from the 3rd of May until the 28th of June. 29th of June to the 2nd of September, the tours run on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays and from the 2nd of September to October 10th on Saturdays and Sundays only. All tours need to be pre-booked in advance. And if you are worried about the language barriers, no need to be - the tours run also in English! 

The English versions run every Tuesday in July and August with a set price of 18€ per person.

kekec wonderland, slovenia hiking, hiking with kids slovenia, campervan slovenia
When visiting Kekec Wonderland, kids actually live in the story, encounter the characters, and witness the events first hand!
It is an all-in sensory assault and something your kids will remember for a long, long time.


In the two hours, you will get to know how our superhero Kekec and his friends - lovely Mojca, Tinkara, Brincelj, and the always scared Rožle, and you'll escape the witchy ways of auntie Pehta and evil Bedanc with the wise help of old man Vitranc. 

A beautiful and important piece of Slovenian history you will want to introduce to your little ones.


7. Velika Planina

Seeing the adventurous life of Kekec, what better way to continue the theme and explore a proper shepherd's field?

Velika Planina is arguably the biggest and oldest shepherds' settlement in Europe that remains active up to date. This green plateau is sprinkled with wooden cottages, where you can still purchase homemade milk, cottage cheese, and cheese.

Velika planina, travel slovenia, hiking slovenia, slovenia mountains, day trip slovenia
Traditional herdsmen's huts on green pastures of the Velika Planina plateau.


If you are lucky, you might also encounter a real-life shepherd. The one with a long beard, a pole, and leather pants!

Fairytale plateau Velika Planina is located just north of Ljubljana, a bit further from town Kamnik. With the highest peak Gradišče, looking down from 1666m, it is an amazing way to step back in time and enjoy epic views.

Peace, quiet and unspoiled beauty are so rare these days that missing this opportunity to show your children how to enjoy nature and the simple things in life, would be a sin. 

Velika planina, day trips from ljubljana, slovenia hiking, slovenia nature
As if cute wooden huts aren't enough, there's also a stunning mountain backdrop.


If you are wondering how you'll manage to hike up there with little ones, don't worry - there is a cable car, which takes you almost to the top!

For the price of 11€ for adults and 8€ for children (6 to 14 years), the ride can be an adventure by itself. For more information about pricing follow the link

There are few ways to get to Velika Planina, however most lead to Kamnik first, from where you continue trough Podlom ahead to the parking. The cable car runs daily from 9 AM to 4 PM, on weekends until 5 PM. That gives you plenty of time to enjoy Velika Planina to the fullest. 

So, what else is there, besides cute cottages, cows, and pastries?

The Chapel of Snow Mary, which was there even before the II. World War. It was burnt down, but once again rebuilt. Probably the coolest thing of all is the caves Veternica and Dovja Griča. As a surprise, you can find snow in Veternica cave even in the summertime.

Besides all the wildflowers and amazing views, there is also a museum of all thing's pastries. The museum is opened from the 12th of June onwards, from 10 AM to 3 PM, with an entry fee of 3€ for adults and 1,5€ for children.

After all the running and exploring, be sure to stop in one of the tourist cottages for a proper lunch, the one taking you back 100 years. Homemade mushroom soup, buckwheat 'žganci', and 'štruklji'. We promise you won't get that quality everywhere! Fresh cow milk? Yes, please!

Fresh air, first-class quality food, and a whole day of exploring. There is no better recipe for the best night's sleep. Campervan snuggles!


8. Ljubljana Castle with interactive exhibits + boat ride on Ljubljanica

From the fresh air and open green spaces to the vibrant city mingle.

When traveling through Slovenia, at least at some stage you will make your way to the capital city of Ljubljana. With almost 280.000 people (which is a fair bit, if you remember the total population of Slovenia is only 2 million), located in the heart of Slovenia and named European Commission's Green Capital of Europe in 2016, you can imagine there are lots to see and do for days. A few of those stand out from the crowd and are a must.

Spending a day in a castle is always a great idea!

For children, even the sole mention of a castle starts creating stories of knights and damsels in their minds. But castles are so much more and Ljubljana has one of the best!

Ljubljana castle, travel ljubljana, ljubljana campervan, motorhome ljubljana
Ljubljana Castle, standing on a hill above the city for about 900 years, is Ljubljana's main attraction. 

As being the greenest capital, Ljubljana strives to reduce traffic in all areas, also by the castle. For that reason, you have plenty of other options to get to the castle area - walking, biking, taking Urban the tourist bus, or the best one - funicular railway. Your little ones will love it!

For more information about the public transport options in Ljubljana follow this link and for the funicular railway tickets (think before buying one as mostly all castle entry tickets include a return trip) visit this. You might also be wondering where to leave your campervan for the day? Check parking options here.

Once above the busy city, take a moment and breathe it all in. Start the medieval adventure even before you enter the gates of the fortress, which was probably constructed in the 11th century and rebuilt in the 12th century.

Play a game! Show your children where the central market is located, where Ljubljanica flows, and try to name the places you've explored by foot earlier that day in the city below.

Ljubljana castle
Try to name city locations from the castle hill.

The basic entrance fee prices start at 13€ for an adult and 9€ for children from 7 to 18 years of age. For families, there are combined tickets available - 2 adults and 1 child for 31€. Besides the basic entry fees, there are plenty of guided tours and exhibitions you can visit and fill up your day. You can find them here.

But wait, there is more!

Franci, the dragon, will be your guide for the day and make this castle adventure even more special for your children. As the protector of the castle, he will take your family on an adventure across nine points where you have to test your skills and little grey cells to earn your reward at the end - a prestige membership in the Dragon Crew of the Ljubljana Castle. You and your family will become defenders of Ljubljana castle and help protect its gates for all the years to come. After collecting the membership card from the Castle shop, ask for a comic strip of all castle stories throughout history.

The castle gates are opened all year round. January, February, March, and November from 10.00 AM until 8.00 PM; April, May, and October 9.00 AM until 9.00 PM; June, July, August, September 9.00 AM till 11.00 PM and in December 10.00 AM until 10.00 PM.


Ljubljana castle funicular, ljubljana caste
Funicular rides are always fun for the kids!

We do recommend spending a few days exploring Ljubljana and top it off with a boat ride thought the old city center. Take a picnic and enjoy the sun while old buildings pass you by.

There are a few companies that can take you on board. Bookings are required, but also possible on spot and prices are more or less the same. 10€ for adults and 5€ for children between the ages of 4 and 12 per hour ride. The little ones, under the age of 4 are welcome to jump on board for free.

Boats departs daily from April to November at 10.00AM, 11.00AM, 1.00PM, 2.00PM, 5.00PM, 6.00PM. 7.00 PM and 8.00 PM. In the cold months, the boat is heated and departs from Ribji trg, cruising down the river for 45 min, three times per day. January, February, March, November, and December the tours start at 1.00 PM, 2.00 PM, and 3.00 PM.

ljubljana boat ride, ljubljanica river
No trip to Ljubljana is complete without taking a water-based tour.
photo source:



Anywhere the road takes you in Slovenia, there is plenty to see and do. You can book some of the activities through us or here

Short driving distances and such a variety in the landscape makes it perfect for a family holiday destination, as nobody gets bored in this tiny country!

Make the next holidays different for you and your children. No amount of money spent on hotels and big shopping centers will get you the pleasure, happiness, and stronger family bonds than a road trip.

Nest campervans are cozy houses on four wheels, providing you with everything you need anywhere you go.

Have fun and dare to make the next holidays with your family different. Show your kids how simple is good and teach them some survival skills. Take hikes and selfies. Go on adventures. You will cherish these memories forever!




Family travel Sovenia, travel with kids Slovenia

Written by: 

Martina Mestek

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