How do we make sure our campervans are and well disinfected? | Nest Campers

How do we make sure our campervans are and well disinfected?

Cleaning a campervan at Nestcampers
18. May 2020

Additional cleaning measures in campervans after the coronavirus

After the outbreak of the coronavirus, at Nestcampers we introduced additional security measures to protect our employees as well as our customers.

We have hand sanitizers in the office, physical contact between us and customers is limited to 2 meters, and at the takeover of the motorhome, all employees are protected with the masks.

Our updated cleaning policy is extremely thorough and consists of three cleaning stages (deep cleaning, general cleaning, disinfection) to reduce the risk of contamination.

Below we present the instructions that we follow and make sure that our vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with the isopropanol, which contains at least 65% alcohol.

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The team is dedicated to the cleanliness of campervans, each deeply cleaned and disinfected campervan is 'sealed' with a safety sticker.

Disinfections follow in the following order:

  • The steering wheel and steering wheel controls,
  • gear lever,
  • multimedia,
  • air deflectors,
  • internal exit hooks,
  • handbrake,
  • windows and mirrors,
  • storage areas.

Alcohol does not destroy the leather upholstery, but it is necessary to apply a leather care product preventively after cleaning. The textile surface must be thoroughly cleaned and only the surface wiped with disinfectant.

Interior of the living area:

Inside the living area, the mattresses must be deep cleaned, and the surface cleaned with a disinfectant.

We disinfect the control panel, awning rod, entry handle, window hooks, refrigerator, light switches, cabinet handles and door handles. The dinette part needs to be cleaned the whole as well as the kitchen block and bathroom.
We always ensure good ventilation of the campervan.


The final step is completed with an external vehicle cleaning and disinfection process.
After washing the campervan with shampoo, we must disinfect the entrance door hooks, the entrance door to the living area, service openings, the toilet cassette, and the refueling door.


A cleaned campervan is marked with a label which means it is ready for the pick-up, and it is additionally sealed with a safety sticker.
Following these rules, our campervans will continue to be clean and safe, and we will all stay healthy.


With our clean and disinfected campervans, you can write your next travel story.


Written by: 

Marja Kosec Rosales

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