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Latest updates for traveling after-covid in Slovenia

Updates on post Covid traveling
29. July 2020

Daily reports and updates about the corona situation in Slovenia for safe travel


As of writing Slovenia is one of the safest countries to travel in the after-COVID world, the epidemic has officially ended and there aren’t any new confirmed cases. Yaaay!

Slovenia called off the general epidemic on May 15th, 2020, and was the first European country to declare its domestic coronavirus outbreak officially over.

Small, green, and pristine country, bordering on northern and heavily hit Italy, has fought its war with the spread of coronavirus in the best and most effective way possible and has one of the best epidemic situations in Europe.

However, there are still a few things to take into consideration when planning a trip to this wonderful country, which was recently also recognized by Forbes magazine as one of seven countries in the world that has the potential to become a major tourist destination in a post-COVID world. We absolutely agree with Forbes!

We are well aware that Slovenia is a rising star in travel and is a country you should visit as soon as you get a chance!

Key information about after corona travel in Slovenia:

  • Tourists from the following countries who enter Slovenia are no longer put into quarantine:

1. Austria
2. Cyprus
3. Denmark
4. Estonia
5. Finland
6. France
7. Georgia
8. Germany
9. Greece 
10. Hungary
. Iceland
12. Ireland
13. Italy
14. Latvia
15. Liechtenstein
16. Lithuania
17. Monaco
. New Zealand
19. Norway
20. Poland
21. Rwanda
22. San Marino
23. Slovakia
24. Spain *(only some administrative unites)
25. The Netherlands
26. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
27. Uruguay
28. Vatican

  • Travelers from other countries have to face 14 days of quarantine when arriving in Slovenia. Please follow the official publications or ask our advice (by mail) before you depart. You can also send the Slovenian police an email which will be answered within one day ([email protected]). Read more here.
  • Nationals from across the EU are allowed to enter the country as tourists, as long as you have a confirmation of your booking.
  • LATEST UPDATE about transit travel: If you are planning to travel to another country rather than Slovenia it counts as a transit if you exit Slovenia within 12 hours (no overnight stay) and there is no quarantine needed! So you can rent a campervan with us! :)
  • From 10th July 2020, travelers from England can visit Croatia with no quarantine restrictions on your return, unless you have traveled through a destination which is not exempt.
    For more information about post-COVID19 travel to Croatia click here.
  • All tourism activities and public gatherings up to 50 people are allowed again, which includes all hotels, gyms, spas, etc. Read more here.
  • Night clubs and discotheques remain closed in Slovenia. Shops will remain closed on Sundays and holidays.
  • Wearing masks is mandatory in closed public spaces.
  • Public transport is operating (trains, buses & taxis).


After-COVID Slovenian borders

Past few weeks Slovenian borders were slowly opening-up and making our travel plans easier. Here is the situation right now:

  • Italy: OPEN! (For European citizens)

  • Austria: OPEN! (from 4th of June)

  • Croatia: OPEN! 

Citizens of Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania do not have to prove the reason for their arrival (e.g. business, economic, tourist, etc.). We recommend submitting your data in advance via the website

For citizens from other EU countries, there is no mandatory self-isolation when entering the Republic of Croatia, but you will need to have a booking confirmation. Read more about the Croatian border crossing here.

  • Hungary: OPEN!


Check actual border crossing waiting times on the Slovenian Traffic Information Centre website.


Entering Slovenia

According to the Slovenian Government, as of the 26th of May 2020, entry to Slovenia is allowed without restrictions and quarantine to all European tourists and citizens from the Schengen area who have booked overnight stays in Slovenia.

Ljubljana Airport: air transport to Slovenia is no longer restricted. For more information about flights read here.

Slovenia flights corona, ljubljana airport 2020, slovenia flights 2020, slovenia travel
Ljubljana Airport is open, with additional airlines restoring service in late June and July.


If you have any more questions you can call the Slovenian Coronavirus call center with up-to-date information at the phone number: +386 (0)1 478 75 50, operating from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 16:00.

Haven’t answered your questions? You can read more below:


Fun(nier) after-COVID travel facts at a glance:

  • Open Kitchen Market in Ljubljana, a weekly food event (that happens every Friday on Pogačarjev Trg) and a must when visiting the Slovenian capital, is back in the game!

Open Kitchen Ljubljana, market Ljubljana, food market Ljubljana
Odprta Kuhna aka Open Kitchen is back in the game!



Author of cover photo: Tomo Jeseničnik, source: STO

Written by: 

Luka Avguštin and Nina Majcen

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avtodom na poti ob naravi


Slovenia is again open for tourists, how awesome is that!
We are the first country in the EU to call off the epidemic. For the latest updates on travel to Slovenia read here.

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