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More than 200 Slovenian adventures discounted on one spot!

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03. June 2020

Go on an unforgettable adventure in Slovenia with Nest Campers and get a discount or a gift!

We have published a booklet with a network of local providers with crazy discounts as well as tons of useful information on camping and campervan travel in Slovenia.


​​A network of local providers and crazy discounts is here!

Exploring Slovenia has never been so interesting, accessible and easy on the valet, as it will be from now on, with our booklet packed with discounts and useful campervan trip tips. The booklet combines discounts from local providers with the insights, advice and useful information from the local people.


In time of pandemic, which held a big portion of the world on pause, we, at Nest Campers did not give in. We worked tirelessly behind the scenes in developing new projects. Our business moto is simple: Always stay a step or two ahead to avoid the crowd! And so, we did. We dedicated the least couple of months to a project, on which we are really proud!

To support, maintain and connect the Slovenian economy, we joined together local providers to make the experience of our guests even better and filled with unforgettable memories! We called upon all businesses in Slovenia to join our network of local providers and offer some great deals, discounts and gift for our guests.

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We can promise you one thing - Slovenia will take your breath away.

We have gathered all the local providers and prepared a special treat for our customers. An incredible booklet filled with discounts and gifts from the local businesses, just for our guests.

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From adrenaline filled acitivities to traditional food tastings, nature tours and craft workshops. Our booklet has it all and some more!


To make the booklet even better, we uncovered the incredible hidden gems of Slovenia and wrote down useful information you need to have on hand while traveling and camping with a campervan through breathtaking Slovenia.

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Explore Slovenia in the best way possible. There's just no other way that would be as epic as a road trip with Nest Campers.

At the moment, the booklet is available only in Slovenian language, but our team will work hard to translate it to English too.

The response to our initiative was phenomenal. And to see how we, Slovenians, are willing to open our backyards and invite fellow citizens, to explore our beautiful country (which is in fact still very much a mystery), was mindblowing

More than 200 one of a kind and fun activities in Slovenia that will take your breath away!

In the booklet, we have divided Slovenia into four macro regions: Alpine, Thermal, Mediterranean and Central Slovenia with Ljubljana.

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The booklet is divided into four regions.

In addition to discounts from various providers (from cycling in the Peca underground, rafting on the Soča River, various workshops, wine and food tastings, free overnight stays and culinary experiences), the booklet also contains the hidden local go-to spots, known only to the locals and serious explorers.

Loklani ponudniki in zanimivi izleti po Sloveniji, potovanje z avtodomom, najem avtodoma
Our heels were itching all the time throughout creating the booklet and now, we cannot wait for you to get your hands on it too!

Loklani ponudniki in zanimivi izleti po Sloveniji, potovanje z avtodomom, najem avtodoma
Slovenia is full of incredible hidden wonders and we don't mean only natural ones.


When we accepted the first offers and listened to your advice on local trips, we couldn't help but wonder what our little Slovenia has been hiding from us? What have we missed and how was that even possible? Even though we have been researching our country intensively for many years, we were mesmerised by all the new things we've learned about Slovenia.

We were left speechless and we believe you will too!

How to get your copy of the booklet?

The printed booklet will be waiting for you in our rentals and is free for all costumers of Nest Campers. It includes a great deal of interesting things you can do all over Slovenia (tours, workshops, activities, food, wine tours, farm tourism...) and where you will receive a discount or a special treat.

Loklani ponudniki in zanimivi izleti po Sloveniji, potovanje z avtodomom, najem avtodoma
Over 200 different activities and at least as many additional tips on where to go on trips in Slovenia.


All guests of Nest Campers will be able to claim their benefits from the providers during the rental of the campers.


And how to claim your gift or a discount, you may wonder?

Simple, the key with our pendant will be the proof on the basis of which your discount will be taken into account.

najem avtodoma slovenija, najemi avtodom, nest camers mreža ponudnikov
How to get your discounts? Simply show the key to your camper with the pendant.


Now is the perfect time to book your camper and explore every Slovenian village with our nests on wheels!

Maybe it has been a while since you spent your vacation in Slovenia ,or you never did took the time, but we promise that you will get inspired browsing through the booklet, finding new ideas for a road trip which will lead you to discover the unexplored beauties of our green land.

Loklani ponudniki in zanimivi izleti po Sloveniji, potovanje z avtodomom, najem avtodoma
Slovenia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Believe us, Slovenia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and it is about time you start exploring it!

Written by: 

Nina Majcen

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Slovenia is again open for tourists, how awesome is that!
We are the first country in the EU to call off the epidemic. For the latest updates on travel to Slovenia read here.

Did you know traveling with a campervan is the safest way to go around in a post-COVID world and also the most epic one?
Our campervans are thoroughly disinfected and cleaned before each drop-off.


You can book your campervan without any concerns.
If you have more questions we would gladly help you!

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