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Most scenic roads in Slovenia

Traveler enjoying the panoramic view on the road trip
31. January 2019

The best way to get to know the country’s greatest jewels is most certainly traveling and exploring it with our campervan. Slovenia may be a small country, but you will be surprised by how much it has to offer. Stunning nature with a large number of breathtaking roads, beautiful views and tranquility will make your Slovenian road trip a road trip you'll never forget. 


To make your planning a bit easier, we've made a list of the four most picturesque roads in Slovenia:








Beware! Whenever you'll look out of your campervan window while driving alongside Soča river, an emerald river that swirls through some really scenic valleys, you will want to pull the brakes, step out and admire the views.

Pristine river in dramatic turquoise colors, lush forests and spectacular mountains literally make you feel like you are looking at a true piece of art, a painting.

Stunning emerald Soča river, our favorite Slovenian river, Slovenia road trip.
Stunning emerald Soča river, our favorite Slovenian river. 


Not only great for road tripping and driving, but the Soča river region is also a paradise for all outdoor and culinary lovers. You can:

  • cycle (there is a very nice semi-demanding biking trail that leads past the Source of the Soča River to the valley of Zadnja Trenta)
  • raft or kayak on Soča river (you can easily book with us!)
  • take a short hike (our suggestion is Mt. Kolovrat, 1243m or Mt. Svinjak, 1653m)
  • discover the Great Soča gorge and jump into the freezing cold Soča 
  • visit Kozjak waterfall (near Kobarid) and spectacular Boka waterfall  (near Bovec) 
  • spend some time in the Kobarid Museum (World War One)
  • eat a delicious meal in Hiša Franko, where almost everything on the plate is produced in the Chef’s garden or bought at local farmers (make sure to reserve your table at least 6 months in advance, if you want to try great food cooked by Ana Roš, the world's best female chef in 2017)

There’s something for everyone in Soča valley, no matter the season. Also, did you know that there was a scene for The Chronicles of Narnia (Prince Caspian edition) filmed in Soča valley? This valley really feels like a fairytale. 

Photo credit: Dries Talloen, summer 2018


Go on a campervan road trip and visit Slovenia, Soča valley.
Spectacular and freezing cold Soča river.



Vršič pass is the highest road passage in Slovenia, connecting Kranjska Gora to Bovec. The mountain road from Kranjska Gora (810m) across Vršič (1611m) to Log v Trenti (620m) spans 24 kilometers and consists of 50 hairpin bends, 24 on the Kranjska Gora side and 26 on the Trenta side of the pass.

The road is open on average seven months per year, in winter it is normally closed to all traffic (but you can still hike all the way up). 

The highest point of Vršič mountain road is Vršič pass, 1611m an it offers stunning views.
Views along Vršič mountain road and happy Nest campers in summer 2018. 


The road was built by Russian war prisoners, guarded by Austrian soldiers in World War One and there are still some remains of military hideouts alongside the road. Today the pass is a tourist spot that attracts great number of visitors from Slovenia and all over the world. Along the road (at hairpin turn #8 from Kranjska Gora side) you can see the Russian chapel that was built in memory of more than 300 Russian prisoners that died here because of an avalanche, you can also see a natural window made of rocks in the Prisank mountain and also an interesting creation made by nature - the stone face of a girl, named Ajda.

Russian chapel at Vršič mountain road.
The Russian Chapel on the Vršič Pass is a Russian Orthodox chapel located on the northern side of the Vršič Pass.


Ajdovska deklica: a face carved in mountain stone on Vršič pass.
'A  girl named Ajda', a face in a rock face of mount Prisojnik, as seen from Vršič mountain road.


Vršič pass is also a starting point for a number of hiking trails in the area (Jalovec, Slemenova špica mountain, Mala Mojstrovka mountain ... ). Our favorite is a short 2-3h hike to Slemenova Špica, just look at 'them views'!

Slemenova Špica is a great short hike from Vršič pass, hiking advice, mountains Slovenia.
To hike Slemenova Špica, 1911m, park your campervan at Erjavčeva Koča hut on Vršič mountain pass. 


Besides locals and tourists, this pass is also adored by sheep (drive carefully!) and many cyclists. If you're into cycling, you shouldn't miss the opportunity to cycle this popular biking trail. Since a few years ago, the pass also hosts a Goni-Poni Red Bull competition, which is the gnarliest and most retro cycling competition in the world. It’s a great accomplishment for everyone who reaches the finish line, since Poni, the only bicycle allowed on this race, has no gears. Yes, no gears. 

Red Bull Goni poni cycling event to Vršič mountain pass, funny cycling race in Slovenia.
Just as crazy as it sounds. All the way up to Vršič mountain pass. No. Gears. Would you dare?


The views along Vršič Pass are nothing short of spectacular along the entire drive. Be sure to stop often, so the driver can also get a good look at the surrounding beauty. 



This beautiful mountain road, built in 1938, is located on the border between Italy and Slovenia, in the Julian Alps and is Slovenia’s highest lying road - 2055m. The drive on this steep, 12 kilometers long road with 5 tunnels to travel through in order to get to the end of the road (Mangart Saddle) is an experience you will never forget. 

The road climbs up to the Mangart Saddle at a staggering 22% grade in places and is barely wide enough to be considered a one-lane road, let alone two, so take enough time, drive slowly and carefully.

Mangart road, the highest road in Slovenia, is a great road trip destination.
Mangart road in Slovenia is a road well worth the drive.


At the top there is a nice mountain hut and a parking lot, you can walk through the flat part and enjoy the peaceful mountain scenery, or ascend Mt. Mangart (the third highest mountain in Slovenia, 2679m) if you're up for a more challenging hike with rewarding views (it only takes around 2h to reach the top). 

Mangart mountain hut in Slovenia is a starting point for Mangart hike and a great pit stop for your campervan road trip.
There is a nice mountain hut at the end of the road, offering accommodation, refreshing drinks and local food.


In order to drive on this road, there is a fee of 5€ to be paid and this money goes toward fixing the road, as it gets destroyed by erosion and avalanches during harsh winter months.

Mangart road - road trip Slovenia campervan, rent a campervan. Road trip adventure.
A road to Mangart Saddle. Definitely worth paying 5€ (per campervan, not per person).


You can visit the road from May until November (at the beginning of the road there’s a small parking lot and a sign that tells you whether the road is open or closed). 



Another Slovenian road that offers stunning views is located right in the arms of the Kamniško-Savinjske Alps. A lot of people say that driving on Solčavska panoramic road feels like falling in love for the first time, and it’s hard to disagree.

Solčava Panoramic road is the most panoramic and scenic road in Slovenia.
The majority of Nest Campers guests say Solčavska road was their absolute favorite. We know why.


The road is 37 km long and you can walk, cycle or drive through it. No matter how you decide to explore the road, Krištov the shepherd boy takes you through 20 informative stops that reveal part of the story to you, as well as some fun tasks. If you get hungry or tired there are a lot of overnight accommodations and delicious restaurants where you'll get your strength back.

Solčava panoramic road views, Slovenia road trip, most scenic and most beautiful roads in Slovenia

Solčava panoramic road offers four entry points: Village of Solčava, Logarska valley, Zgornje Sleme and from Pavličevo sedlo. 


With so many beautiful roads it’s impossible to pick the most beautiful out of them all, but the drive-through any one of them is an experience of its own.


You don't need much. Just make sure to have:

A campervan full of gas, a heart full of joy, and your camera charged to 100% - because believe us, you will want to frame every single thing to your camera, eyesight, memory, and heart. 




Written by: 

Eva Kosec, Nest Campers crew

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