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What to do on a rainy day in Slovenia

Traveling with a campervan on a rainy day
03. March 2021

We agree, some rainy days are best spent inside, doing nothing, except for some “soul stuff”. Maybe you like reading, listening to music, watching your favorite series, some like cooking or playing games, but some prefer to spend their time active – even if raining cats and dogs.

In Slovenia, there are many activities you can do when the weather is bad and in this blog post we've gathered the best things you can do on your road trip even when the 'sun god' is not on your side!


Rainy day activities slovenia, rany day camping, bad weather camping
Raining on your road trip? Not a problem!


It’s raining – let’s do something fun outside!



When driving through Slovenia, we're sure you'll bump to at least one billboard with an invitation to one of many spectacular caves in Slovenia.

Did you know that the biggest cave in Europe, open for visitors, is Postojna cave? It's the world's most captivating cave with magnificent cave formations and diverse fauna. You can even take a ride on Postojna Cave's underground train, see a baby dragon and experience a fascinating underground paradise shaped by tiny droplets over millions of years.


bad wetaher slovenia camping, postojna cave slovenia, explore slovenia, road trip slovenia
Source: https://www.postojnska-jama.eu/

Slovenia might be small in square meters, but it is very diverse! The land on the central and southwest Slovenia is full of other little caves – we highly suggest you also explore the breathtaking UNESCO site Škocjan caves, situated near to Postojna.

For an even more local and different experience we suggest you visit Snežna jama (Snow cave), open only in the summertime, or Križna jama (Cross cave), which is the only naturally preserved tourist cave in Slovenia, so it contains no strong lighting and concrete pathways.

Snow cave in slovenia, camping slovenia, road trip slovenia, nest campers, campervan europe
Check out the opening times of Snežna jama (Snow cave) here.
Photo source: https://www.gore-ljudje.net/

Another unique experience is underground cycling under the Peca mountain in the Koroška region (close to the Austrian border). How cool is that?

Underground biking peca, biking slovenia, road trip slovenia, campervan slovenia, road trip slovenia, europe travel
Photo source: https://www.bikenomad.com/en/


If into underground, you should also visit one of the minesVelenje mine with its deep history and a museum (check online the opening hours before visiting!) and the ex-mercury mine in the little historic town of Idrija. This particular mine was the second-largest producer of this ore in the world (the first is the Spanish Almadén Mine). Today, one part is housed in the museum, which is considered to be the greatest landmark of Idrija. While there, don’t forget to taste their delicious local food – žlikrofi!

Idrija mine, road trip slovenia, campervan slovenia
Photo source: http://www.cudhg-idrija.si/en/visit-us/



On the ground

Another idea of activity when raining is, of course, to visit a museum!

There are quite many in Slovenia, but if you are visiting our country with kids, the only children's museum called 'Hermanov brlog' (Herman's den) in Celje is what we suggest!

celje travel, slovenia campervan, camping with kids slovenia, nest campers
Not sure what to do with your kids on a rainy day while traveling through Slovenia?
Visit the only children's museum, located in Celje.
Photo source: https://www.muzej-nz-ce.si/en/


Some other options are Museum of illusions and the House of experiments in the capital Ljubljana and the Technical Museum in Bistra close to Vrhnika, to fulfill your scientific souls

Between monastery walls and halls are on display numerous collections from the field of agriculture, traffic, forestry, carpentry, hunting, fishing, textile, electrical engineering, and printing. Many visitors admire a collection of Tito’s cars and water-powered devices, like grain mill, tool forging, reconstructed veneer drive plant and a Venetian saw.

rainy day slovenia activities, camping slovenia, road trip slovenia, motorhome europe
Technical museum of Slovenia is located in the former Carthusian monastery in Bistra pri Vrhniki, which is only twenty kilometers away from Ljubljana.
photo source: https://www.travel-slovenia.si/


If you’d rather learn more about the history and the land, there is Museum of Natural History, Slovenian Ethnographic Museum, the National Gallery, and the Gallery of Modern Art. All of those are located in Ljubljana, Slovenian capital, and worth a visit!

To learn even more about the land and Slovenian mountaineering culture, there is renovated and interactive Slovenian Alpine Museum waiting for you in Mojstrana, also really interesting for kids! 

While in that part of Slovenia, you can visit the Planica Nordic Centre, where you can ski (cross-country) indoors (you can do that in Pokljuka as well) and try their wind tunnel for an indoor imitation of ski jumping. If into adrenalin, you can also visit Aerodium Logatec to try how it feels when falling from the sky!

Slovenian alpine museum, slovenia road trip, campervan travel europe
Besides interesting exhibition, Slovenian Alpine Museum also has a mountain hut where they simulate surviving a severe mountain storm. What an experience!
photo source: https://mojsvet.info/slovenski-planinski-muzej-v-mojstrani/


Aerodium logatec, campervan slovenia, travel slovenia, slovenia road trip suggestions
Looking for something to break s sweat on a rainy day? Learn how to fly without ever leaving the floor thanks to innovative indoor skydiving experience in Aerodium Logatec.


Of course, Slovenia is also a land of many castles. Almost every town has a castle (or some parts of it) - in some, you can enjoy history while drinking coffee, in some, you can enjoy just peace and quiet. Castles in Snežnik, Žužemberk, Brdo, Celje, Ljubljana, Ptuj are just few recommendations and we encourage you to visit at least one!

Another option is to visit one of many monasteries – the one in village Olimje is worth visiting – The olimje monastery has the oldest Slovenian pharmacy with a domestic botanical garden with nearly two hundred species of medicinal herbs. Close by there is also a chocolatier, where they make and sell homemade chocolate as well as a deer farm and a luxury spa center Orhidelia. Worth visiting is also the Pleterje Charterhouse, a Carthusian monastery, or charterhouse in the village of Drča near Šentjernej in Slovenia, the only extant monastery of that order in the country.

Even if a foreigner in Slovenia, do not hesitate to visit some shows in the theatres or opera houses or attend one of many local events. Some of the shows are in English!


To pamper your soul and the body, try one of many spa centers with the natural thermal water! Most of the spas are located in the southeastern part of the country. Get the best experience in Terme 3000 near Murska Sobota and try bathing in black thermal mineral water (which is also best recommended for rehabilitation of many health issues). In Terme 3000 you also get a 10% discount in their campground for a campervan overnight parking as a Nest camper. 

slovenia thermal spa, slovenia travel, road trip slovenia
On your road trip through Slovenia, make sure to reserve some time for pampering at one of the country's spas and wellness centers. 
photo source: https://www.inyourpocket.com/


It’s raining – let’s do something fun inside the campervan!

Remember reading the upper lines about the rainy day coziness? You can have the best of it inside your campervan! Let your nest on wheels become your home. Bring books, playing cards and board games, bring pens and paper, bring toys and crosswords and sudoku, bring all the stuff that you always wanted to repair/check and do it here. 

For a little fun and game, you don’t need much. Play the game of words – find as many countries that start with the letter G and end not with an A! Or just make up new games and rules and sing your soul out. Our campervans are super-insulated, so you can be as loud as you want to be!

campervan travel slovenia, slovenia road trip, nest campers, nest campers europe, stork campervan
A little bit of rain doesn't have to spell disaster on your next camping trip!

Wanted to learn how to knit forever? Bring your laptop, mobile, power bank and watch pre-downloaded tutorials (but we are sure you'll find free wifi mostly everywhere and mobile data in Europe is extremely cheap).

Trying to make a local dish? Film it and post it to your friends on social! Use filters, use music, use everything that’s upon your mind. I wanted to keep silent … but my boyfriend is the best imitator of Jamie Oliver when “he is chopping a banana just for fun” (with the British accent, of course). Don’t feel like if you have rented a campervan, that it's just your sleeping-van.

Use it, enjoy it, and make the best memories in it and out of it.


It’s summer and it’s raining – let’s do something fun!

Ever heard of dancing in the rain? We swear, it's best thing ever!


Even if the weather on your holidays is not perfect, don’t let that ruin your travels, there are plenty of activities you can do. Just remember to put an extra eye on it and be cautious when being in the mountain area, where it might be slippery and dangerous!


Looking forward to meeting you.


Written by: 

Monika Kern

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