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Why Nest Campers

What other people say about Nest Campers?

Many travel stories have already been written with Nest Campers and we love nothing more than hearing your feedbacks! You can read up-to-date reviews on our Facebook, TripAdvisor or Google pages:




Just what we were looking for! We had an amazing time exploring Slovenia and Croatia for 12 days and our Cuckoo camper had everything we needed. Even though we had to change the dates just a few days before our arrival, Nestcampers were super cool about it and helped us out. We also got some amazing tips for our roadtrip. Would definitely recommend them!

Patricya Roginskov and Rafał Bieńko, from Poland


The best idea for travelling around during your Erasmus. I wanted to explore Slovenia on a cheap way and found this perfect solution called Nest Campers. Immediately after sending an email the staff was helping me out and it felt really familiar and friendly. Even when they picked up the car from my home location in Zagreb they helped me picking up a friend from the airport whose flight got cancelled, even when it was far out of her direction driving back. So all in all a really friendly staff which I wish all the best to in the future. And really great camper of course.  Highly to highly recommended!!!

Guyon Duifhuizen, from Netherlands


This was the perfect way to maximize my time photographing Slovenia at my own pace and catch some unforgettable moments (and photos). I also did some rock climbing and it was really nice to have a fully equipped camper close by. Pick up - no problem, driving - no problem (once you get used to driving on the right side of the road), sleeping, cooking, drop off - no problem. Thumbs up guys!

Hiri Muhammad, from Malaysia

Why should I rent Nest Campers?

We offer a way of travelling around the Alps, Adriatic sea and European cities that is the cheapest, most comfortable and also most adaptable to your interests.

  1. We offer the lowest possible cost of bed and transport in Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Italy and beyond.
  2. Unlimited kilometers. Go anywhere you want!
  3. Our Nest Campers are reliable new cars (from 2018 onwards) with really low fuel consumption.
  4. It’s easy to pick up your Nest campervan - you can either pick it up in our base station in Celje, or we arrange a pick up for you in Ljubljana city Center or at Ljubljana airport.
  5. You will get personal service with local knowledge and tips to get around.
  6. No compulsory insurance. Basic Insurance is already included to the price. 
  7. We´ll gain you access to anywhere. You can book amazing activities and tours and get you special deals and disounts!
  8. 24/7 roadside assistance.
  9. We know what you need. Nest Campers were founded by travelers for travelers!
  10. All our campervans include a welcome package, travel guides, playing cards and a frisbee!
Why should I travel with a campervan?

There’s no other way of travelling around places that would give you so much freedom and a chance to sleep just a stone’s throw away from Adriatic sea or if you prefer, deep in the green Alpine valleys.

You can visit awesome music festivals, park pretty much wherever you like, put on a backpack and go on some beautiful hikes, explore hidden beaches … and while doing all that, campervans make it perfectly comfortable for you to sleep and cook.

What is more, expect to pay less wherever you drive. Campervans don’t only have a lower fuel consumption, but are also a cheaper option when it comes to ferry prices and road tolls (in comparison to big motorhomes). Campervans can also be taken onto steeper, dirtier, and/or windier roads.

When you think about the average price in Slovenia (see below) for a hotel (82€/night for two people), rent-a-car (31.62€/day, without insurance) and food in restaurants (6-12€ per meal), renting out our campervan seems no brainer.

Prices in Slovenia for accommodation, food and rent-a-car