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Nest Campers and Covid-19

The coronavirus situation has changed the way we travel. 

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Safety comes first!

Nest Campers has introduced additional security measures to help suppress coronavirus transmission.

The measures are intended to protect our employees as well as our customers. All non-essential services are stopped, antibacterial disinfectants have been added to all premises, and physical contact between us and clients is limited. Throughout the World Health Organization (WHO) and national authorities, we are being informed on the development and course of the pandemic, and we will be updating and improving security measures.

Our updated cleaning procedures are extremely thorough and consist of three stages of cleaning (deep cleaning, general cleaning, cleaning accessories) to reduce the risk of contamination.

Read more about how we clean our motorhomes during a pandemic here.

Start planning!

At the beginning of the year, we happily planned vacations and trips for 2020, but the pandemics stopped or completely changed most of our travel plans for this year.

Although all the consequences and changes that coronavirus brought are not yet clear, at Nest Campers we believe that people came out of the crisis stronger, wiser, more loving, and kinder.

In times of crisis, many realised the true value of freedom. But even though we are still somehow limited in the present times about movement and socializing, we are not limited in daydreaming and planning new adventures.

We can dream now of where to travel later!

We encourage and recommend traveling to Slovenia and neighbouring countries at the moment.
At the same time, we urge you to follow all local and national guidelines for restricting movement and socializing.

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We look forward to seeing our campervans back on the roads soon and explore the most hidden corners of Slovenia with you.

Until then, stay healthy and keep the adventure spirit high!
The best travel story is waiting for you.

Nina Majcen and the Nest Campers team