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Our story

Why we're not just another rent-a-car company.

Vid Nest campers
Vid Govejsek, founder and CEO of Nest Campers

We are travelers, just like you.

We love exploring new countries and hidden places only locals know about, we enjoy camping, the smell of a bonfire on a summer night, road trips and endless possibilities they bring and above all … we like having a great time!

What we don't like, when it comes to traveling, is spending too much money.


"Ever since I got my driving licenses, I transformed every single car I owned into a sleeper. I simply loved having the freedom that came with it and the fact that it didn’t cost us a fortune. Few years, few cars (well, campers) and few countries later I've decided to turn our passion into something else."

- Vid Govejsek, CEO of Nest Campers

When we started Nest Campers our goal wasn’t to start another rental company. It was to create a way for you, travelers, nature lovers and adventurers to go on a road trip of your lifetime even when your budget is tight.

We’ve put a lot of time and thought into building Nest campervans. And because we’ve spent so much of our life living on the road and in different campers, our past experiences made it possible to create Nests that include everything you need for a perfect road trip adventure.

Unlike some competitors, Nest Campers happily provide travel information, maps and guides and we take time to help you plan your next travel story.

For us, it’s all about little things, nature, adventure, fresh air, sunshine and friendship.

  • It’s about simplicity - nothing beats cooking over an open fire and dining under the stars, while sipping on some fine local wine you discovered on the road earlier that day.
  • It’s about fun - playing board games with friends, finding the perfect shady spot for your hammock, playing guitar, singing out loud and howling at full moon.
  • It’s about challenging yourself - lacing up those hiking boots you have and wandering off into the forest, jumping into the river or soaking up the sun on a deserted sandy beach.
  • It’s about discovering what most people and travellers never get to see - you have an opportunity to go off the beaten path, explore and reconnect.
  • It’s about freedom of travel - go wherever whenever, get lost and discover beautiful places you would never see otherwise.

Be free as a bird and make your Nest wherever you go!