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Returning campervan

Do I have to clean the campervan?

We rent out clean campervans and the people renting after you expect the same, so the campervan should be returned in a clean condition.

  • Kitchen kit (pots, pans, cutlery, etc.) and kitchen have to be clean when campervan is returned. The grey water deposit should be emptied. The extras you have rented, like the chemical toilet or kayak for example, should be cleaned and returned.
  • Kitchen towels, towels and bedding don’t need to be washed before returning. Just leave them in a campervan and we’ll take care of that!

In case you run out of time to clean your campervan, there is always an option that we clean it for you for an additional fee of 30€.

Do I have to refuel my campervan?

Yes, the campervan needs to be returned with the same amount of fuel as at the time of pick-up, otherwise re-fuel charges will apply.

We always try to provide a full tank for your pick up, so you can enjoy your road trip right after pick up. Should you receive a camper with less than a full tank, we will take note on your contract and you are required to refuel to the same level.